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Lead clinician Helen Gough  - Malvern Foot Clinic

Lead clinician

Helen Gough
MSc, Cert Ed, BSc (Hons)

Helen has worked as a podiatrist looking after people’s feet for over 20 years. She specialises in diabetes, biomechanics and gait analysis.

Helen graduated from Huddersfield University with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in podiatry and has since worked in both the NHS and private sector. For over 15 years she has specialised in diabetes care and currently holds a substantive NHS post leading a diabetes specialist team.

In 2013 she won The Queens Nursing Institute Award for her work with young people with Type 1 diabetes.

Helen is a former lecturer from the Birmingham School of Podiatry and as an educationalist holds a Certificate of Education from Birmingham University. She taught biomechanics, research methods and clinical studies to undergraduate students.

More recently Helen was awarded a Masters Degree in Science with Merit from Warwick University and has presented at national conferences on structured education for people with diabetes.

Podiatric surgeon John Malik - Malvern Foot Clinic

Podiatric surgeon

John Malik
FCPodS, MSc Cert Ed BSc (Hons)

The Consultant Podiatrist (Podiatric Surgery) leading the team, John Malik FCPodS, MSc, Cert Ed, BSc Hons, is an NHS appointed Consultant Podiatric Surgeon who specialises in foot surgery, biomechanics and gait analysis.

Podiatric Surgeons in the first instance study as Podiatrists. They have years of background experience treating feet conservatively prior to undertaking training in podiatric surgery. Podiatrists study the foot from day one of their training. On completion of this training they can then, over some years, work towards Fellowship of the College of Podiatrists, Directorate of Podiatric Surgery.

Podiatric Surgeons are registered as Podiatrists under the government body, the Health and Care Professions Council. They are not medical doctors, specilising purely on treating conditions effecting the foot.

John is an experienced Podiatrist having been in practice for over 23 years. He is a Fellow of the Directorate of Surgery, College of Podiatrists and holds a substantive NHS appointments as a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon. He has been awarded a Masters Degree in Science with Distinction from Huddersfield University in the subject area of Podiatic Surgery. He holds a first class BSc Hons degree in Podiatry. As an educationalist he holds a Cert Ed from Birmingham City University. John is formerly Head of Podiatry at the Birmingham School of Podiatry, Faculty Board Member of the Faculty of Surgery (College of Podiatrists) and Quality Assurance Committee. He is a former external examiner to the MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery Course provided by GCal and QMU. John was the Chair of the Podiatric Surgery Exam Board for the College of Podiatrists until May 2016, moving on to take more time for personal study and research.

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